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Many men visit the dating sites for one purpose only, that is, to meet a Russian mail order bride. They are not deterred by cultural differences, prejudice and distance that separate them from Russia. They are ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to happiness.
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Russian Mail Order Brides

Many men visit the dating sites for one purpose only, that is, to meet a Russian mail order bride. They are not deterred by cultural differences, prejudice and distance that separate them from Russia. They are ready to overcome any obstacles on the way to happiness. However, some tips and life hacks won’t hurt.

What’s unusual about Russian brides?

You can say for sure that Russian women have a kind of zest. They all are looking for a partner to live with, not just for sex. Unlike women from the West, the soul controls their body, and not vice versa. That’s why hot Russian brides appreciate inner values in men such as kindness, faith and respectfulness instead of external appeal and high level of education.

Of course, a chosen one of a Russian lady should have the following truly masculine traits:

  • sense of purpose;

  • strength of mind;

  • independence;

  • self-confidence.

At the same time, pretty Russian girls want their beloved men to be tender husbands and caring fathers. These ladies hope that they can find all this in gentlemen from the West, for their fellow Russian citizens don’t seem reliable to them.

Russian brides: myths and truth

There are two examples of extreme prejudice about women from Russia:

  • she’s a countrywoman wearing her kerchief and sundress; she’s tired of life, has no curves anymore and has lost all her desires long ago;

  • a supersexy Barbie dressed in fancy clothes who’s hunting millionaires.

In fact, these stereotypes about Russian mail order brides aren’t factually correct, though it’s necessary to explain their origin. Even before the era of the building of socialism, women in Russia worked as hard as men and took care of children and household.

Nowadays, things are different in the homeland of Russian beauties. They became more independent, educated and self-confident, but still, they are perfect mothers and hostesses. These are ladies who can turn their hands to everything – from cooking to repairing. They can work hard and want to be appreciated for this.

Why do hot Russian ladies want to marry foreigners?

A woman from Russia has long been taught the norms of rigidly patriarchal family life, that’s why she used to play supporting roles. She’s often ready for sacrificing her wishes and ambitions just to keep her family preserve. She’s able to put aside personal happiness.

However, this is not the only circumstance that makes beautiful, clever and cheerful Ru brides search for happy life abroad. Here are things they cannot put up with in the homeland:

  • low level of life;

  • ecological problems;

  • the wide prevalence of hereditary diseases;

  • low quality level of products.

The shortage of men should also be taken into account. The most of them are drinkers. That’s why a woman have to look for a husband abroad, going to more developed Western countries for a better life.

The advantages of the legitimate Russian brides sites

There are many dating agencies (for instance, ElenasModels, RussianCupid, etc.) that provide their own online platforms for bringing Russian brides and men from the West together. The members are offered suitable candidates, that is to say, matches.

These Internet resources provide their visitors with the following advantages:

  • though their services come at a price, it’s still much cheaper than analogous traditional agencies that help to find a life partner;

  • the users have access to the online provider’s database before signing up; they may view their personal contacts and enjoy main features with a free membership;

  • the reputable Internet communities verify their members and provide them with greater security compared to social networks or traditional offline dating agencies.

However, one should be vigilant in the virtual world, as well as in the real one. Cyber scammers who want to capitalize on the thriving online dating business, don’t scruple to use any means. They are often attracted to free online matchmakers with a dubious reputation.

Meeting potential Russian wives: step by step

The first communication

You should know for sure what to write to your lady in the first message. A casual “Hey, how are you?” wouldn’t seem appropriate. Show your interest from the very beginning. Ask her about her mood, wishes and hobbies. You may also inquire about her past tactfully. She will appreciate your sincere attention and distinguish you among other men.




Further contact

When acquaintance is started, ask questions that will show your undying interest. Be interested indeed! The more you know about a Russian bride, the more confident you feel on the first date. So ask her about her family, education and upbringing, friends and hobbies.

When dealing with Russian brides for marriage, you should be honest. Don’t hide your quirks. A bride from Russia is keen enough, she will quickly understand that you’re keeping quiet about something. Be honest and sociable, answer her questions directly.

The first meeting

You should take the reins on the first date. Even if you’re in your city, don’t relax. Think about  how you can entertain and surprise the Russian bride. Of course, you have to ask her where she would like to go. However, avoid being a dull guide leading a boring excursion. Limit your walk to a small number of sights, and then go for dinner.

The rules of communication with a Russian bride

Keep these tips in mind when texting and talking to women from Russia:

  • you should never forget to congratulate her on the 8th of March, for the International Women’s Day in Russia has a higher status and priority than Valentine’s Day;

  • always be a true gentleman – you should worry about her health, mood and affairs; don’t skimp on gifts (virtual ones at first) and other courtesies; remember – a Russian woman wants to be taken care of;

  • don’t tell her about your physical needs and ailments (don’t do it constantly, at least), try to add some optimism and positive mood into your communication, cheer her up, delight her with pleasant surprises, and she will look forward to the next online date.

Concluding remarks on dating sites

Are mail order brides real? Yes, they are. An online portal provides space for brides and grooms to communicate but it cannot guarantee happiness. So, the user is recommended to fulfil the following:

  • choose the service provider carefully;

  • pay attention to the effectiveness of match selection;

  • when creating a profile, specify your intentions honestly and clearly, so that a potential partner may understand your goals;

  • treat women with respect;

  • listen to your heart and don’t lose your mind.

By the way, you can meet Russian women not only through online dating agencies. There are Russian restaurants, discos, libraries, schools and cultural associations in many cities of the USA and Europe, besides, you may visit the exhibitions of artists from Russia. Anyone who’s interested in Russian women and in the unique culture of this land may go on a language trip to Russia.

Customer Reviews

What makes the Russian brides so desirable?

Review 1. Liam

They are family oriented yet ambitious.

They take things in life seriously but yet they can be funny.

They are soft spoken even when angry.

They like to learn new cultures.

They are very supportive of their partners.

They like to be treated with respect all the time.

They love to cook for their loved ones.

They are excellent mothers.

They are exceptionally beautiful.

What makes the Russian brides so desirable?

Review 2. Noah

Not sure from the wording of your question exactly what you are asking. Marriages with a russian are going to work out well, so so, or not at all, just like other marriages. An additional complication is the potential “international” aspect, if you are not russian yourself. When people are stressed, they tend to “revert” to their cultural basics – which can cause form confusion and misunderstanding. Russian spouses are quite willing to get violent, to use accusations of violence against a spouse, don’t see lying as a “bad thing” (you did what you had to do to survive the KGB and the gulags), etc.

Do people still use Russian Bride-type services?

Review 3. William


Yes, a lot of people use such services and I can say that this really works.

A lot of girls here really want to find a love and create a family.

But if you are scared because of scam or other issues you can read reviews about service that you choose, check terms of Use, contact page, privacy policy.

Also, you can write to support team and communicate more with them.

How legitimate are those ‘Russian Bride’ websites?

Review 4. James

A2A. Which specific websites? Better yet — which specific profiles on which specific websites?

You must realize that your question is like asking “Are Craigslist advertisements legitimate?” The answer is — who the hell knows? Without knowing the specific website — no one can answer. And a legitimate website can have scam profiles on it, too. You won’t know until you talk to those women.

I used to run a legitimate marriage agency, and I could guarantee my site and all the profiles on it to be 100% legitimate. But my site’s been offline for over 15 years.

What every man should know about Russian women, Russian brides, Russian wives?

Review 5. Oliver

Priority to the family. That was mentioned above and that’s truth. I think it’s the main reason why it worth to marry them.

Emotions. When it comes to emotional sphere of your relationship – remember, that cold cultures are cold with emotions as well.

Manners. In western cultures Russians considered as rude, bad mannered people. I even remember reaction of sales woman in Paris, when I come to buy a croissant 🥐 . I said “one croissant please”🤦🏼‍♀️ … yeah without “Bonjour, Madame, ca va et blah blah blah“.

Poverty. Everywhere I read about poor Russian and Ukrainian beautiful girls that dream about man with EU or US passport just to help them to escape their poor countries. 

Beauty and feminity. It’s something Russian/ Ukrainian women were born with. It’s a real woman, not unisex human creature with woman’s genitalia.

Are Ukrainian/Russian brides better or Chinese brides?

Review 6. Benjamin

They are very different in most respects.

Russians and Ukrainians would generally sexier and more sensual. Most of them would cook and be good housewives.

Chinese would be hardworking and practical. Modest and submissive.

You decide what is better for you.

What are the steps to getting a Russian mail order bride?

Review 7. Elijah

  1. Stop using expressions like mail order bride. Maybe even some attitude adjustment would do you good.
  2. Start to look for an East European lady in one of the regular dating sites.
  3. Communicate respectfully without being a wussbag.
  4. The ladies you will meet are probably better educated than you. Respect and admire.
  5. Don’t lie about your finances. A good lady isn’t planning to live with you because you are rich. She wants a man who isn’t drinking or beating her, a good father, a decent reliable, grown up man.
  6. Be both of you aware of that you will live on one salary for a couple of years.
  7. Always defend her in fights with your friends and family. You are the only one she has.

Is a Russian mail-order bride a legitimate relationship, or does she just want the green card?

Review 8. Lucas

Yes, a Russian mail order bride may well be looking for a legitimate relationship, the same as any dating site people use them to find love.

These days Russia seems a more open and less oppressing society so women trying to leave and gain a green card is less likely than it ever has been. The chance of being scammed for a green card seems less likely than ever, as this would be a long time-consuming activity without any guarantee.

This said there is always a chance of this, but no more than meeting a girl from the internet from any country that is trying to scam men fro a green card or money.

So in summary, if the girls are real people and not just models then the chances are they are also legitimately looking for a real loving long-term relationship

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